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Understanding The Background Of Workmanship Warranty

You might have a workmanship warranty if you had work done on your roof. While you might think that the warranties protect you from all damages, there are a few limitations. It is essential to understand the background of the workmanship warranty and learn the difference between this and other warranties. 

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What is a Workmanship Warranty, and Why is it Important for Your Home?

As a homeowner, you want some peace of mind when you hire someone to work on your roof. While even some of the best contractors can make mistakes, a workmanship warranty to protect homeowners from issues with roof replacements or repairs. These warranties are invaluable, but some offer a lower level of protection. With a workmanship warranty, make sure to understand the differences between these options. 

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What are One-Year and 10-Year Workmanship Warranties?

The difference between these warranties comes down to the time frame. With a one-year warranty, it is a little more limited in scope. These are the basic warranties. Ten-year warranties will protect the homeowner from poor craftsmanship for up to a decade. 

What is a Workmanship and Materials Warranty?

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A material and workmanship warranty covers certain parts of your repair or replacement project. While there are stipulations in the contracts, most of the work and materials are protected. If the roof is damaged due to poor quality work or materials, the company will fix those issues. 

How Does a Workmanship Warranty Differ From a Manufacturer Warranty? 

A workmanship warranty and a manufacturer warranty often with a new roof replacement. These warranties will give you comprehensive coverage for your home. What separates these warranties is the items that they cover. A workmanship warranty covers all of the work performed by the roofing contractor, including any installation errors. The manufacturer warranty only covers the materials. Many of these manufacturer material warranties will last for 10 to 30 years, covering the defects and failures of the roofing materials. 

What is a Workmanship Defect?

When there is a poor installation, it stems from workmanship defects. When the contractor fails to build according to the manufacturer’s instructions, that results in poor quality of work. These defects can range from aesthetic problems to structural damages. A warranty will protect you from any issues within your home. If you notice these workmanship defects, you can contact the installer to resolve the problems. 

What Does a Workmanship Warranty Cover?

While you might think that a workmanship warranty covers everything on your roof, make sure to read those fine details. Always go over the warranty document to check out the limitations and what it does not cover. Along with that, you want to know the length of the warranty. The contract’s time frame is not a significant factor. Extended warranties are not always better than those shorter ones. You want to find a contractor that offers a warranty covering many problems, such as water leaks. Many contractors will only cover up to a certain amount of repairs. 

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Is Poor Workmanship a Breach of Contract?

With a breach of contract, you will want to check out all the details in the contractor’s paperwork. Some homeowners may want to take the contractor to court over poor workmanship. Using poor materials and low-quality work techniques could be the basis for a legal claim. A roofer who cuts corners could put you at risk for structural damages and other issues. Once again, you need to review your contract to decide whether poor workmanship is a breach of contract. In some cases, the contractor will try to fix the issue for you instead of heading to court.

What is the Difference Between Workmanship and Labor?

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Some people use these terms interchangeably. However, there are differences between labor and workmanship. With labor, that is the actual act of working or installing the roof on your home. In addition to that, the workers might be called laborers by the roofing company. If you look at the contract, the labor is the amount of money that it costs to employ these workers at your home. Now with the workmanship, that term refers to the workers’ skill. If these workers perform poorly on the job, that causes issues with the quality of work

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What Else Should Homeowners Know About Workmanship Warranties?

If you are planning a roof replacement or repair, keep all of those documents in a safe place. When you need to use your warranty, you can grab those papers to help resolve any issues within your roof. The paperwork will be sufficient evidence to provide that you purchased the products and services. Along with that, you want to check out the time frame for your warranty. Within many contracts, you only have a limited amount of time to use your warranty. It is essential to note any circumstances that could void the warranty. You are responsible for maintaining the roof. If you fail to do so, it can lead to a voided warranty. The last thing you want to happen is to need the warranty and then learn it is voided. 

The Bottom Line: Ensure Quality Workmanship With Advanced Consulting

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