Why You Should Work with a HAAG Certified Contractor

Sometimes the most nerve-wracking part of being a homeowner is not owning the home but being responsible for contacting contractors for home repair jobs.

If you don’t understand who you are hiring for the job, you could make the problem worse and more expensive to solve in the long term. You may also get scammed.

Americans lose over a billion annually to home improvement scams and negligence perpetrated by scam artists and uncertified amateurs.

When you have HAAG-certified roof inspectors assess or repair your roof problems, you will always get professional solutions.

Before we talk about why you should only hire HAAG-certified roof inspectors, let’s explain the comprehensive certification process they must undergo for certification.

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What is HAAG Certification?

The HAAG Certified Inspector certification course is the name of a renowned and intensive roof damage assessment program. HAAG certification courses teach roofing industry contractors and professionals how to expertly assess the damage, and potential signs of damage, with comprehensive and exacting roof inspection techniques.

And HAAG certification classes are not just for anyone. Anyone taking a HAAG certification course must satisfy several prerequisite qualification standards before they are accepted. HAAG certification classes are designed to be earned by estimators, claim adjusters, professional contractors, home and property inspectors, consultants, roof repair specialists, and various other kinds of professionals working in the roofing industry.

One must have some roofing industry-related expertise and working experience to apply for HAAG certification. Becoming a HAAG certified roof inspector is a gold standard in the industry, and the training is comprehensive.

HAAG certification classes are exclusively taught by expert HAAG roofing industry engineers and experienced instructors. HAAG certification classes teach participants advanced techniques for roof damage assessment in three categories:

  • Wind Damage Inspector Certification
  • Residential Roof Inspector Certification
  • Commercial Roof Inspector Certification

After acceptance, HAAG certification class participants will endure 72-hours of strict training by experienced HAAG Certified Engineers. HAAG Certified Engineers and the other HAAG certified roof inspector qualified instructors teaching these courses have over 300 years of roofing experience and knowledge collectively to share with participants.

Every engineer and instructor who coordinates training at a HAAG certification course is a recognized leader in the roofing assessment and repair industry.

HAAG Certification Standards

After completing all HAAG certification classes, all participants take an exam designed to comprehensively assess their new knowledge base of advanced level roof damage assessment, diagnostic philosophies, and techniques.

Participants who pass the exam will then become HAAG Certified roof inspectors. However, after earning their HAAG certification, they will have to take the exam annually to maintain their certification status and prove they have retained their knowledge.

HAAG’s certified roof inspector program combines the teaching of HAAG Certified Engineers, HAAG certified roof inspector instructors, and the analysis of real-world roof damage assessment case studies. Class participants will gain comprehensive knowledge and on-the-job proficiency in how inclement weather damages roofs, making roof space calculations, and how local building codes inform construction. 

HAAG certification class graduates also need to learn about roof manufacturing and installation and methods and recognize various roofing materials like wood, composites, fiber cement, asbestos, concrete, clay tile, metal, and shingles and so on.

HAAG strives to give consumers satisfaction in knowing that any HAAG certified contractor or engineer they hire expertly knows what they are doing during roof assessment and inspection activities. 

In addition, all HAAG inspectors utilize their knowledge and annual re-certification courses to meticulously and accurately assess roof damage. Hence, homeowners know what they must do relative to repairs.

This comprehensive description of the HAAG certification classes is not for recruitment purposes but to make you understand how seriously HAAG-certified roof inspectors take their job.

And to further cement the point, here are three reasons why you should always work with a HAAG-certified roof inspector. 


It will cost you anywhere between $364 to $1,556 to get your roof repaired.  But the national average cost for a roof repair bill is at least $949.

If you need a total roof replacement, it will cost you even more money. The average cost to replace an entire roof is at least $8,500

However, depending on the size and value of your home, the estimate for a total roof replacement can be as high as $45,000.

In situations like those, homeowners should not just hire anyone, or on the strength of a social and unverified referral, to inspect their roof.

Many homeowners hire unvetted, poorly trained, and most importantly, non certified roof inspector contractors to assess potential roof damage on their homes. Unfortunately, when you employ unprofessional and non certified roof inspectors, you risk being given inaccurate assessment and repair guidance.

A flawed and inaccurate roof assessment can result in the actual roof damage being made worse after the wrong repair solution is implemented. And the incorrect repairs being executed means you will end up paying even more to solve the original undiagnosed problem. 

When you hire a HAAG certified roof inspector, you can be assured that you are receiving professional roof assessment advice from a professional. HAAG certified roof inspectors are trained to inspect every kind of roof material relative to weather conditions and local building codes to make customized assessments. 

Hire a HAAG-certified roof inspector, and you will get professional guidance and advice unmatched in the industry.

Advanced Consulting’s inspectors are HAAG certified with years of experience and extensive knowledge of the insurance claims process from start to finish. They can offer professional guidance to help homeowners keep repair costs limited to the scope of their deductible.

And a high repair cost is not the end of the world if the insurance company is footing the bill. HAAG-certified roof inspectors understand the roofing insurance system. They will happily share this experience and knowledge to help homeowners improve the integrity of their roof and enhance the equity in their home as well.


HAAG-certified roof inspectors are the most proficient roof contractors in the industry. HAAG inspectors have years or decades of on-the-job training, experience, and official certification skills to implement the right diagnostic tools and repair methods for each assessment.

A HAAG-certified roof inspector has access to state-of-the-art roof repair, replacement, installation tools, technology, and implementation practices. They are also highly trained to conduct their roof assessments and repair work while following the strictest work safety standards while on duty. 

On-the-job safety is of the highest priority for a HAAG certified roof inspector and doing the job right the first time.

Asset Security

Owning a house is sometimes called the last investment of a lifetime for most people. However, suppose you stay on top of implementing regular repairs and keep a home well-maintained. In that case, it can act as a leverageable financial asset of convenience if you need to sell it.

The average roof can last for as long as 30 years to 50 years, depending on construction professionalism. Therefore, one of the most significant selling points in real estate sales is the sturdiness and viability of the roof. 

HAAG certified roof inspectors are trained to help protect your roof as much as possible in the course of assessments and repairs. They understand that your roof is a vital asset to your home more than you.

Protect Your Home’s Best Asset

Your roof is probably the most valuable asset in your home. Always protect it by only hiring HAAG-certified roof inspectors to assess the damage and repair it.

Need the help of a HAAG-certified roof inspector? Contact Advanced Consulting today.

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