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Roof Repairs: What Is Emergency Roof Tarping

Under the best circumstances, roofs can be a challenge to repair. Add in ice, heavy rain, and high winds, and it can be almost impossible to complete a repair. However, some repairs must be completed even under hazardous conditions. Emergency roof tarping prevents secondary damage to your roof. Only use these options in an emergency until a roofing contractor can inspect and repair the structure. Without emergency roof tarping, your roof is susceptible to more damage, leading to costly repair bills. Let’s take a look at when you should use emergency roof tarping.

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What is Emergency Roof Tarping and What Qualifies as a Roof Emergency?

Unfortunately, your roof might suffer structural damage that needs an immediate solution. Emergency roof tarping gives some protection to your home. Hurricane winds, fires, and fallen trees can all damage your home. In many cases, the outdoor elements have made it unsafe to complete the necessary repairs. Emergency roof tarping will temporarily protect your roof while you wait for a safe time to fix the structure. Emergency roof tarping can help prevent further wind and water damage in your home. 

After a roofing emergency in Denver, CO, you need to contact an experienced roofer to repair your structure. When your home has been through a catastrophic weather event, like an ice storm, hurricane, or tornado, you might not be able to get roofing help for a few days. You don’t want to risk any additional damage to the structure. In that case, you need an emergency roof tarp. These strong tarps are secured over the damaged areas and attached to the roof’s framing. The tarping helps to get your home through the extreme weather. Some insurance companies require you to use emergency roof tarping before you can make a claim. Keep in mind that emergency roof tarping is a temporary solution.

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When is Emergency Roof Tarping Needed?

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After an extreme weather event, you may need emergency roof tarping services. Weather conditions are the top reasons for roof damage. Snow, hail, ice, wind, and heavy rain often damage shingles and other components on the roof. Poor weather can knock a large tree onto your roof, or tornado-force winds can launch debris into your home. Animals are even known to cause damage to a roof, adding to the need for emergency tarping. Even vandalism is a major cause of roof damage. Unwanted visitors might walk across your roof and destroy components of the structure. In any case, you don’t want your roof to suffer any more damage. For that reason, it needs to be protected by roof tarping. 

How Much Does Emergency Roof Tarping Cost?

There are various price points to tarp a roof. The national average lists the cost between $200 and $1,300. However, many variables can affect the final cost. Some roofers will charge an hourly rate based on your location. Materials costs are another significant factor in determining your price. As expected, if the contractor needs more materials, you can expect a higher estimated cost for the project. Unfortunately, emergency roof tarping services are often higher because the work tends to be done after business hours. In some cases, you might be paying about 1.5 times more than the standard rate.

Does Roof Tarping Cause Damage?

No, emergency roof tarping will not cause damage to your roof. However, additional damages can be sustained when you don’t tarp your roof. After damage has occurred, you need to protect your roof. Holes or damaged shingles are not protecting the structure of your home. Plus, when water leaks into your structure, you will have issues with mold and other water damage. That moisture can stain the ceiling and walls,  damaging the home’s insulation. You need a covered roof to prevent any other problems with your home. Otherwise, it will lead to higher repair bills. 

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What is the Emergency Roof Tarping Process?

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When you contact a professional roofing contractor in Denver, CO, they will take those critical steps to protect your roof. Emergency roof tarps have different types of insulation. Depending on the season, you might need a thicker tarp to help with the insulation. Your roofer may take photographs of your roof to help with the insurance claim. While the roofers are tarping, they might inspect the roof and provide you with an estimate. However, the main priority is getting a secure tarp on the roof to prevent additional damage. 

How is Insurance Involved in Emergency Roof Tarping?

If you want to file an insurance claim for any roof damage, some insurance companies will require emergency tarping services. These companies want you to protect the roof from any further damage. Emergency roof tarping is an effective way to lessen the damage to your roof. While some insurance companies will require these services, they might not include this service under your particular policy. Before you schedule an emergency roof tarping service, make sure to check whether or not your insurance company will cover it. 

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How Can You Prevent Further Roof Damage?

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All types of weather can put stress on your roof. Even after securing an emergency roof tarp, you need to take some steps to prevent further damage. Make sure to trim trees around the perimeter of your home. With that, you can prevent branches from falling on your roof. You should clear downspouts and rain gutters of twigs, leaves, and other debris. Water needs to flow away from the foundation of your home. You might want to visually check your roof for additional signs of damage. Surface bubbles, damaged shingles, and missing gravel are all signs of damage. If you take these steps, you can prevent further damage to your roof. 

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